Causes of Overweight – Exercises for Weight loss

Causes of Obesity and Overweight

Obesity and overweight are the big problems that people have to face nowadays. There are so many things cause overweight and obesity for not only adults but also children. These included the behaviors of diet habits and regular physical activity. Let’s list 10 main things that lead to overweight and obesity and raise good ideas to solve these problems as soon as possible.

Causes of Overweight, Exercises for Weight loss

Causes Among Adults

1. The Behaviors:

A diet habit and regular physical activity influence in one’s amount of weight. Getting enough nutrients from foods and drinks are so important for lively parts of the body. It means people should have a good diet which includes fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and a limited intake of fat-full fast foods to make the bodies get fit and healthy.

Having an unhealthy diet with big meals of energetic foods, meals of poor nutrients or skipping meals regularly cause overweight because their bodies are difficult to adopt new changes and unsteady conditions. Besides, doing exercises plays an important role to make body fit. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, adults should engage in 150 minutes of moderate exercise and/or 75 minutes of intense exercise, as well as strengthen yourself every day. If people can’t go out to exercises, then they can use home workout equipment like treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, etc.

Being lazy, sticking eyes on the screen of the televisions and lying on the couch, avoiding doing outdoor exercises and playing sports, are real reasons to gain weights and then get fat easily. And, they will lead to obesity which risks people’s health because it causes heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes later.

2. Environment and community:

People’s lifestyle is affected by the surrounded living, working, and studying environment. Life is getting more easy for people, everything is available. Bigger, faster and stronger requirements make one’s life busier. They work so hard for a long time and get to bed until midnight. They do not have enough physical exercises. Besides,  people now use more modern kinds of transportations instead of walking or traveling by bikes to rush in the places that they want to get to.

3. Genetics:

The research recently has shown that genetics can play a role in people’s weight. And, obesity tends to run in the family. Gene variants determine the type of body by storing or burning the fat. Because genes and habits are passed down from one generation to the next so if parents are obese then their children can be also because if they are in the same family, then they will have some similar eating, drinking habits or doing some regular physical activity.

4. Disease:

Overweight and obesity are two popular reasons that cause some dangerous diseases for many people at the ages from 30 to 65 years old in around the world. The normal diseases that people have to face with obesity can be depression, forgetfulness and some rare diseases of the brain. These problems come from by the changing of hormone problems such as an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism),

5. Medications:

There are some cases of gaining weights caused by taking certain medications such as antidepressants and steroids. These kinds of medicine change hormone and they make the body gain some more weights in a short time.

Causes Among Children

Things cause being overweight and obesity in the children are similar to the adults. Having unhealthy day-to-day behaviors with eating too many things that are rich in fat and low in nutrients can risk one’s health. Moreover, having a lazy life with negative activities can increase the number of obese children in the world also.

Enjoying life by participating in outdoor activities; having a healthy diet, dancing regularly keeping up with a healthy lifestyle in the other hand help children free of gaining more weights. Therefore, they will be healthy and in good shapes. Children are the one need to be encouraged by choosing good food and getting more exercises to help them stronger and healthier. Other environmental factors include availability and affordability of foods, food advertising and the behaviors of peers are required, too.

Some simple Exercises For Weight Loss

There are so many effective methods to lose one’s weight. But, people are usually stressful in choosing what they have select to set their goal as good habits. Thus, they can lose weights by practicing them for a long time.

Setting up a low-carb diet with doing suitable exercises like yoga, pushing and sitting up and down or changing some bad habits into the good ones will help. These things are safe and popular for almost of people of different ages. So, they become more and more useful ways to stop gaining weights these days. The good results are just be showed clearly when people know how to do exercises with have a good diet regularly. Because  80% of going on diet and 20% of keeping doing exercise is what the nutritionists recommend to be successful in losing weight. There are nothing different between male and female in keeping their bodies fit by maintaining good habits of training themselves well day by day to have good health.You can find many things change if you change yourselves and stay healthy and keep fit are what you all need to do right now.

These 10 simple exercises below for weight loss that will help you to shape up your body quickly and they are easy to practice at home. Try to understand what your body tell you then you will find out the ways to make you feel better, look more beautiful and you will be more and more confident also. That is so important.

1. Doing Yoga for Weight loss

Doing Yoga regularly is one of the simplest and easiest exercises to reduce weight and it has been chosen by many people especially female.

Yoga comprises of 254 Asanas, the following are specifically recommended for weight loss: Padmasana, Bhunjangasana, Balasana, and Tadasana. Doing yoga with a right schedule is definitely a good way to build and maintain a free soul and it keeps your weight under control.

2. Crunches to Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat makes people look  so bad and feel uncomfortable when having a talk with someone else. A fat belly is a part which stores a large amount of calories. Abdominal fat also causes many terrible problems for health so that people it has to be rid of as soon as possible. To fight the fat in the belly takes lots of time. Crunching is the best method to solve this problem. The research so far shows that crunching in 70 times can get rid of over 75 calories. It develops better abs and also increases the strength of muscles so it makes the belly tight.

A daily set of exercises combines with crunches will bring down your amount of weight. It is necessary to crunch every 2 days with 30 minutes per day and people can do it while listening to music. A complete set of exercises which include crunching in every single day will actually help you cut down your weight easily.

3. Planks to Tighten up belly

We all want a toned, flat stomach. One of the easiest kind of exercises that people can practice at home is planking. Doing it in right ways is so important because it can lead to the successful process and help you reach your aim quicker. Fat in belly now is not a trouble anymore when you know how to fight with it. Whenever you plank, you should relax and calm your mind and body then you put yourself in a push-up position, stretch your body as much as you can, rest your forearms on the ground and target all energy in your belly  muscles. You will feel your belly tighter and flatter than ever. Planks are really helpful exercises. They also help in reducing the risks of back and spine. If you are looking for exercises for weight loss, try 3 or 4 sets of plank exercises as this process.

  • Start by getting into a push-up position.
  • Bend your elbows and put your body weight force on your arms.
  • From your shoulder to ankle, your body should form a straight line.
  • You are about to be punched in the gut, so brace your core.
  • Have a deep breath and hold for 30 seconds.

Now repeat.

4. Lunges for muscles

If you are looking for exercises for your lower parts of body, then lunges are what you need. Doing lungs usually is good for tightening your muscles include the glutes in your hips and butt along with the hamstrings and quadriceps in your thighs. Lungs work so well for a large group of muscles. Your lower parts of your body will hurt a lot at the beginning, but you will get familiar after that. The abdominal muscles and your back muscles act as stabilizers during this exercise. You can lunge for many times a week that will be helpful and let you easy to reach your target in losing your weight.

According to Health scientists of California Health Care Institution, A DIY Diet is a basic progaram that all people should follow if you want to stay healthy and get fit. In case you still get stuck in gaining weight then you are making some mistakes in DIY diet. You have to change your habits for the good things.

5. Circuit Training to burn overall weight

Circuit Training is a nonstop and high-intensity weight loss exercises which involve so many hard steps. These kinds of exercises will challenge everyone by their difficulty. People have to finish so many tough steps without resting time to burn as many calories as they want. They are found to be much more effective than traditional cardio for increasing muscles size from all over the body beside body fat. Thus, doing Circuit Training is supposed as an amazing thing to shape the body.

6. Cardio Activities for weight loss

We can find out some simple activities to burn calories quickly like jumping rope, rowing, running, cycling. These activities are called Cardio activities. They strengthen heart muscles, reduce stress and increase circulation and they are always good for both male and female.

7. Walking as an easy workout

The more modern life is, the lazier people are. Most people these days use means of transportations for traveling around because it is more convenient to reach to the distances. In the 21st century, people do not do as many kinds of exercises as they have to do. They just get on the motorbike, car or taxi instead of walking to work or school.

Walking is as an easy kind of workout. It increases a big amount of oxygen to the brain and heart and helps one’s mind fresh. The benefit of walking is as good as getting up early in the morning. It is a good habit that people should set up and do it day by day so they can see the advantages that effect to their bodies. In case you are the office staffs, you should stop working for a while and walk around for every one and a half hour instead of keep sitting in front of the computers.

Walking is as helpful as working out if you have

8. Bear Crawls for weight loss

Bear Crawl is a wonderful full body exercise that works multiple muscles of the body which include chest, arms, shoulders, chest, back, core and legs. Bear crawls look like plank exercises. Their main purposes are strengthening arms, legs and chests, improves and aids hip mobility, activate knees and moves bodyweight around. So even though it is low-impact, it is high intensity and gets your heart rate up while it tones the muscles

9. Jumping as a high-impact exercise

Jumping is not only an effective weight loss exercise but also the way to improve the bone density and keep the lungs and hearts healthy. And, it is the easiest way to keep fit, which involves all the body muscles.

Jumping is a suitable exercise for both males and females. It burns body fat so fast especially when you jump with high speed. Your legs and thighs’ muscles are strengthen a lot and so they look so perfect after 2 months jumping.

10. Running to boost heart rates and make legs stronger

Running is a form as a cardio exercise that why it is not difficult to choose places to practice it at home. It is actually an effective way by improving physical and mental health like reducing stress, keeping your heart rate up, lose calories, and reduce belly fat. Keeping running in 30 minutes a day and 3 to 4 times a week makes you feel good and keep the body out of obesity.

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