How to Choose a Best Treadmill under $500

A $500 grant is significant for a great treadmill that will be an ideal supplement for your home gym. However, there are a few things that before you buy a best treadmill for home use, you should understand.

Deck size
Normally, treadmill with smaller floor area will save space for your home, easy to practice. Although that’s not 100% accurate on time, we’ve found that in most cases, users want a running machine with a large floor size, which will be more comfortable when exercising.

However, if you are interested in a smaller floor, it is very good and is a veteran jog, however, treadmill with a small floor size usually has less extended functions than machines has a large floor size. If that’s true, make sure you choose a wider version, about 18? At least if you can.

Horse power
While the treadmill’s power is significant, it really depends on what you intend to do with it. In case you want to walk fast and even jog, a motor with a capacity of over 2.0 hp will be very suitable.

Make sure you have a great idea where you will put the treadmill and where you will put it when not in use?
Make sure that it will fit your preferred position when used and when folded, if it stays in place it is good.
If the space is tight in your home gym and you’re trying to find something a little more reasonable, choose a treadmill that folds down for easy storage.

Extended features
Extended features in the treadmill can be training programs and any integrated entertainment properties, such as a network-enabled touch screen or TV. In case you need more motivation to work, these things have their value, but they are not for everyone.

Which Are The Best Treadmill Brands

If you are looking for a durable treadmill that will last a long time, you should buy from a well-known and trusted brand. Here are the best brands that create treadmills:

Healthgenie, Powermax, Fitkit , Afton, Aerofit, Robotouch, Reebok, Cosco, and Stayfit

Treadmill durability is a very important issue. Obviously, you want a treadmill that lasts as long as possible. Treadmill is a machine that needs to withstand a lot of wear, so it must be durable.

One of the ways you can assess the treadmill’s durability is by looking at the brand. If you buy from a good brand, it is more durable.

You can also look at treadmill materials. It should be made of metal, especially frames. The stronger the material, the more durable.

You must also take care of your treadmill, to make sure it lasts. You can abuse or abuse too much on it. Be careful how you use your treadmill.

Safety is an important feature that a treadmill should have, like any exercise machine should have.

First of all, you should ensure that your treadmill is safe for you to use the treadmill. If you are unsure, consult your doctor before use.

Second, you need to assess whether the treadmill is safe to use. There is a very easy and fast way to do this. Just look to see if there’s a safety lock near the control panel.

The safety key is a plug that you can pull to immediately stop the treadmill. This is necessary for situations when you can control the control panel properly. It is easy to pull the safety key, and it makes the treadmill stop.

In general, the more durable the treadmill is, the safer it is to use. So if you buy a treadmill that is durable, it is also safe to use.

Typically, a basic machine should only care about the capacity and floor size. However, consider which properties are important to you and focus only on the versions that provide them.

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