How to Clean and Soften the Treadmill Belt at Home

Treadmills emit noise, cries in part because of belts, jogging mats, conveyor belts for long periods or excessive exploitation. It may be due to poor preservation in the rain and sun, which makes it hard to dry and moldy, etc. Please join us in the analysis and experts share how to clean and soften the treadmill belt.

clean treadmill belt

If you count by the number of customers by region, the area where we have changed your treadmill at home, there are up to 90 houses and 100 improper treadmill maintenance for every 100 homes.

Having a house, leaving a treadmill on the balcony, having a house on the rooftop. Although there is a roof or no rain, but the heat is the cause of dry hard, warping belt.

You don’t know that in the process of using the treadmill, the belt that we stand on for jogging and walking has generated heat and created huge friction leading to the hot belt. Therefore, if you use it but do not preserve it well or leave it in a hot place, it is more and more hard and warped.

Not only does it generate noise during use, it also damages many other treadmill parts such as; Face boards, motors, belts … etc

Our experts will help you how to soften the belt, jogging carpet, conveyor belt and how to clean it again.
At the beginning of your money, store your treadmill in a dry, well-ventilated place that is not affected by water or sunlight.

treadmill belt when used for a few years will have the appearance of a double edge belt

If there is a device, there is a problem in the middle and when there is noise

Dirt and dust fill the belt surface, create friction and noise

Follow the ways of professionals replacing treadmill belts at home

Preparing tools

  • Brush
  • Soft towels
  • A basin of water
  • Some dishwashing liquid, or multi-purpose detergent


  • First we clean and clean all the dirt that adheres to the perimeter and inside the belt, clean and clean
  • Next pour a little dishwashing liquid with water
  • We conduct cleaning by running the treadmill at the slowest speed and immersing the water with dishwashing liquid over the perimeter of the belt and spreading it to clean the dirt.
  • The inside of our belt loosens a dry soft cloth for rubbing and cleaning
  • After cleaning the face on the belt, we calibrate and dry the belt
  • Next we inspect the silicon lubrication to soften the belt, we hand out the lower side of the belt, and the jogging face allows silicon oil to permeate and soften the belt and jogging carpet.

Thus, we have guided you how to clean and soften the belt, jogging mats, conveyor treadmill simply and effectively.

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